After heading down the evocative Viale dei Cipressi, you enter the accommodation complex. After crossing the threshold, your gaze will linger in front of the chapel dedicated to St. Francis of Paola, before entering the reception in the Villa, the main body of the complex, which is divided into various buildings with clear signs of the overlapping of different historical periods.

The Park of the Hotel is divided into the largest and most important areas including the Elliptical Pool (Piscina ellittica), the Park of the Fountains, and the more intimate Sanken Garden.


the Chapel

This was the place of worship of the oratory of the former Orphanage of the Spedale degli Innocenti. Housed inside a rather spacious building, together with the Villa it offers access onto the courtyard. Endowed with a small sacristy, and named after St. Francis of Paola, the façade of the chapel features a framed portal surmounted by a window with baroque shapes flanked by two smaller square windows that originally served the purpose of allowing the peasants to follow the mass outside the chapel. The interior, decorated with nineteenth-century paintings, is dominated by an important stone altar dating back to the last restoration of 1783.